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So you are interested in joining our organization? Please contact any of our current members for an application. You must be a resident of our fire district to join our department. All new applications are presented to the department at the next monthly business meeting after being received. They are then held for approximately 30 days and are voted on at the following business meeting. All new members are considered "probationary members" for the first 6 months. This is to insure that they fulfill their training and other requirements to become an active member. Once the 6 month period is up, you are then voted in (assuming requirements have been met) as a regular member of our department. We accept applications for "Junior" members - ages 16 and 17 (a parent consent form is also required) and for "Regular" members - ages 18 and above. Please click on my email address below to request more information. Thanks for your interest!

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