2019 Oak Level Road Halifax, Virginia 24558


2008 Oak Level Volunteer Fire Department Officers


Line Officers


Executive Officers

Chief – Dean Waltman

Assistant Chief – Jeff Grim

Captain – Chris Womack

1st Fire Lieutenant – William Clark

2nd Fire Lieutenant  - Tim Boelte

3rd Fire Lieutenant  - Billy Rickman

Chief Engineer – James Terry

Rescue Captain – Bunny Saunders

1st Rescue Lieutenant  - Joey Adams

2nd Rescue Lieutenant  - Trey Woody

3rd Rescue Lieutenant  - Doug Landrum Jr.


President – William Clark

Vice President –Billy Rickman

Treasurer - Jerry Moore

Secretary - Sandra Clark

Chaplain - David Boelte

Parliamentarian – Virginia Ingram

Board of Directors (Chairman) – Jerry Moore

Board of Directors – Bunny Saunders

Board of Directors – Pete Ingram

Board of Directors – Joey Adams

Board of Directors – Sandra Clark




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